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Product Line Model Prefixes

AG Integrated Amplifier
AL Turntable
AX Integrated Amplifier
CX Portable Television
DD Cassette Deck
FX Tuner
GR Camcorder
GX Camcorder
GZ Camcorder
HA Headphones
HR VHS Recorder
JL Turntable
JX Audio/Video Selector
KD Automotive Audio
KDV Cassette Deck
KDW Cassette Deck
KDX Cassette Deck
KW Automotive Audio
L Turntable
QL Turntable
RM Remote
RX Home Theatre Receiver
SEA Stereo Effects Amplifier (Equalizer)
TD Cassette Recorder
TG Tuner
TX Tuner
XD DAT Cassette Deck
XL CD Player
XLV CD Player
XV DVD Changer


Turntable Model Index

AL-A110 Black Belt 3 No Japan 09356304 09356304 Auto-Return
AL-A155 Aluminum Belt 3 No Malaysia Auto-Return
AL-A155TNX Titanium Belt 3 No Taiwan 09602647 09602647 Auto-Return
AL-A158 Black Belt 3 No Malaysia 08102147 08102147 Auto-Return
AL-A158BKX Black Belt 3 No Malaysia 11594456 11594456 Auto-Return
AL-F330BK Black Belt 7 Yes Japan S 10215004 S 10215004 Auto Size Select
AL-F353BKX Black Belt 8 Yes Taiwan 13300654 13300654 Auto Size Select
AL-F3BKX Black Direct 5 No Japan 11227341 11227341 Fully Automatic
AL-FQ555BKX Black Direct 8 Yes Japan 10403311 10403311 Auto Size Select
JL-A20 Titanium Belt 13 No Japan 08201055 08201055 Auto-Return
JL-A40 Titanium Direct 4.5 No Japan 17213717 17213717 Professional Hi-Fidelity
JL-F30 Titanium Fully Automatic
JL-F50 Black Direct 6.6 No Japan ? 1203951 ? 1203951 Professional Hi-Fidelity
L-A11 Titanium Belt 13 No Japan 14405843 K 06535222 Auto-Return
L-A120 Titanium Belt 2 No Japan S 11916093 S 1196093 Auto-Return
L-A21 Titanium Belt 13 No Japan B 12621309 B 12621309 Auto-Return
L-A31 Titanium Direct 9 No Japan K 15747074 K 17669668 Auto Return
L-A55 Titanium Direct 9.5 No Japan Auto Return
L-AX3 Titanium Belt 3 No Japan 11012895 11012895 Auto-Return
L-E30B Black Belt 10 No Japan S 12001100 S 12001100 Computerized Fully Automatic
L-E600 Titanium Belt 12 No Japan K 14711638 K 14711638 Low-Profile Full Cover
L-E88B Black Fully Automatic
L-F210 Titanium Direct Fully Automatic
L-F41 Titanium Direct 9 No Japan K 16726111 K 16726111 Fully Automatic
L-T11 Titanium No Japan K 17807229 K 17807229 12VDC input
L-XF4B Black Direct 5 No Japan 09000187 09000187 Fully Automatic
QL-10 Wood Direct 2 No Japan 09200033 09200033 Quartz Lock Digital Readout
QL-5 Wood Direct No Quick Stop Direct Drive FG Servo System
QL-50 Black Direct 12 No Japan Quick Stop Quartz Locked FG Servo System
QL-A2 Wood Direct 9 No Japan Automatic Return Driect Drive FG Servo System

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