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Installation & Removal  2023-03-03

JVC Product Line Codes:


AG        Integrated Amplifier
AL        Turntable
AX        Integrated Amplifier
CX        Portable Television
DD        Cassette Deck
FX        Tuner
GR        Camcorder
GX        Camcorder
GZ        Camcorder
HA        Headphones
HR        VHS Recorder
JX         Audio/Video Selector
KD        Automotive Audio
KDV      Cassette Deck
KDW     Cassette Deck
KDX      Cassette Deck
KW        Automotive Audio
LA         Turntable
QL         Turntable
RM        Remote
RX        Home Theatre Receiver
SEA      Stereo Effects Amplifier (Equalizer)
TD        Cassette Recorder
TG        Tuner
TX        Tuner
XD        DAT Cassette Deck
XL         CD Player
XLV       CD Player
XV        DVD Changer